Building and construction works and special works control


The mission of Laatu company is to guarantee the investor’s confidence in the compliance of the building project to the invested funds. This is achieved with the help of our professional activity which is engineering supervision over the building process.

About the Company

Laatu company specializes in building and construction works and special works control (engineering supervision). The company is permitted to carry out this business activity.

Unlike the other companies our company is not involved concurrently in constructing, designing, cargo transportation, and other businesses. We have deliberately focused on the engineering supervision for the sake of gaining the top skills in our work and as a consequence the top quality of the project in progress.

The Team

While choosing the specialists for engineering supervision, we have put an emphasis on those who have wide experience on various positions within the building industry and who are capable of accepting the mission of Laatu.

Thus, the stuff of the company are top rank engineers who have got higher education in building sphere and also further training diplomas.

Organization of Work

Our main task is to exercise control over the following:

  • the conformance of the works under the agreed project to the building requirements: Construction Norms Regulations (SNiP), Territorial Building Norms (TSN), National Standard (GOST);
  • the conformance of the works to the Work Performance Projects (PPR) as well as to the Building Organization Project (POS);
  • the conformance of the constructional materials to the certificates, project specifications and requirements specified in the Customer’s construction programme;
  • the amount and quality of the building and construction works in progress with the necessary approval for the acceptance certificates.

The task list ranges according to the Customer’s request.

Every building project is supervised by the technical specialist. He is present at the building site during the working day and exercises control over the work quality, prepares operating set of documents, keeps the register for building operations, takes part in site meetings and other things.

When the occasion requires (depending on the situation), quality control is carried out on weekends, on holidays, in the afternoon; other specialists are invited such as surveyors, engineering system specialists, other specialists. Closer to the date of the acceptance act, a second specialist might be involved.

The high quality of our work is achieved by cross checking, that means that chief engineer carries out building control on the sites.

Monthly report in writing is submitted rendering the work in progress and troubleshooting.

For the proper quality control the following items are used during the construction period:

  • builder’s level of different lengths;
  • tape-measure;
  • normative reference information (National Standard, Construction Norms Regulations; reference guides, manufacturer’s instruction manuals etc.)
  • personal computer;
  • digital camera.

Besides this the company uses for control purposes: beam compasses, micrometers, RAL colour chart, electronic total station LEICA TCR 407, strength meter for construction materials and other necessary equipment.


We have completed more than 60 projects during our working. That were different buildings: trade and logistics centers, business centers, hotels, petrol stations homes. The location of our projects covers the entire territory of Russia.

Working together with our company you will get a well erected building, as builders work better with us.

You may contact us on the following e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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