As a child, many of us used to build model airplanes and cars using accompanied instructions, some of us learned to cook and make desserts following recipes. Nowadays lots of furniture is produced in a user-friendly way with instructions that enables users to assemble furniture easily themselves.

For the construction of any type of facility, we also need a kind of instruction – a set of drawings written in construction “Laguage”, which only professional builders can understand.
If you explain task to builders in layman’s terms, there’s a chance that the result will be very different from what you imagine.
We can compare Design with the translation of the wishes and fantasies of a customer from everyday language into special construction language.
In most cases Design is a mandatory and strictly regulated stage.

We can realize projects and structures of any level of complexity in drawings

Laatu performs the entire range of design work for residential, commercial, mixed-use, industrial facilities and creates conceptual pre-design and sketches.

The quality of the elaboration of design documentation primarily depends on the qualification of design engineers. All our designers have higher education and regularly undergo professional development. They have rich experience in designing various facilities. And all of them entered in the National registry of specialists in the field of engineering surveys and architectural construction design (at the National Association of Designers and Surveyors)

In addition, the technical support of the design process affects timing and quality of design work. The designers’ workstations are based on modern Intel and AMD, that allows to use modern software from leading foreign and national soft effectively:

Initial permissive documentation

Before a design work starts, it’s necessary to get the set of Initial permissive documentation, which includes title documents for a land plot,
Town-planning solution plan (given by local authority) or territory planning design (in cases when linear infrastructures are constructed);

  • specifications on connection to public utilities (electricity, water, sewage, telecommunication etc.);
  • Engineering survey materials (geodesycal, geological, hydro geological, meteorological and ecological reports);
  • building technical survey results (in cases when the facility is reconstructed).

“Laatu” obtains Initial permissive documentation.

Pre-design stage or sketch design


Pre-design stage or sketch design is not necessarily carried out during the elaboration of design documentation. However, careful work during Pre-design stage can save time and material resources during the further implementation of design and construction works significantly.
At this stage, the concept of the facility is elaborated and its main technical and economic features are determined.

Sketch design shows how the facility will be “planted” at plot, demonstrates its structural scheme and volume-planning solutions.
Number of design stages can be different and depends on presence or absence of pre-design or sketch-design stage:

  • single-stage designing is a process characterized with parallel elaboration of design and detailed design documentation and absence of a pre-design stage
  • two-stage designing can include pre-design stage preceding parallel elaboration of design documentation and detailed design documentation, or design documentation and detailed design documentation are elaborated sequentially but without pre-design stage;
  • three-stage process includes elaboration of pre-design stage, design and detailed design documentation sequentially.

The main goals of pre-design stage are:

  • assessment of the possibility of implementation construction work in specific conditions;
  • identification of potential risks and difficulties that may occur during the implementation construction;
  • determination of expenses on possible issues and the approximate cost of the whole project.

The achievement of these goals makes it possible to determine the investment attractiveness of project and the feasibility of its implementation in certain conditions, taking into account social, historical and cultural, sanitary, environmental and urban planning requirements.

Laatu executes Pre-design and sketch design for construction of capital objects

Sketch design for buildings and structures

Дизайн-проектThe sketch design includes documents for the interior design of facility, as well as for facade and roof decoration. These can be measurement results, planning solutions, 3D visualization of premises, color solutions of facility elements. Construction and decoration in the same style allow to make a really attractive facility.

Laatu provides services in elaboration of sketch designs of buildings and structures.

Elaboration of design documentation

The design documentation should be elaborated on the basis of the Government Resolution of the Russian Federation dated 16.02.2008 № 87 ” On composition of the design documentation sections and requirements for their content”.

Design documentation does not contain exhaustive data for turnkey construction work. The design documentation contains the description of all main technical solutions that are sufficient to justify technical capability, safety assessment and/or economic feasibility of construction, but not enough for construction itself, since there is no necessary detail and no complete set of specifications.

Design documentation after its elaboration is subject to state or non-state examination (with the exception of individual housing construction facilities, residential buildings of blocked buildings with a number of blocks of not more than 10 and financed without participation of the budgets of the Russian Federation or other state entities in accordance with Article 49 of the Urban Planning Code of the Russian Federation).

Laatu organizes elaboration of design documentation.

The detailed design documentation is elaborated for assurance and detailing of technical decisions applied in design documentation

Approval of design documentation

As mentioned above, design documentation is subject to state or non-state examination and in some cases, it is also subject to approval.

For example, it is required to get the architectural appearance approval of residential and public buildings with state bodies in the field of architecture. Design solutions have to be agreed by organizations that have issued technical specifications on connection to public utilities. Design solutions for performing work have to be agreed by interested organizations obtaining GATI (Government Architectural Technical Inspection) permission.

Laatu organizes and provides technical support for state and non-state examination of design documentation, as well as performs necessary approvals of design documentation.

Elaboration of detailed design documentation

Detailed design documentation (or RD) is a complex of basic sets of detailed drawings containing information about types of work, related text documents, sketches and diagrams, product and equipment specifications. Detailed design documentation is elaborated before or during construction process. Scope, structure and content of the detailed design documentation is determined by customer (property developer) in design task depending on the level of detail of solutions contained in design documentation. The detailed design documentation must correspond to design documentation..

ООО «Лаату» выполняет работы по разработке рабочей документации. !!!!! 

BIM design

BIM проектирование

BIM design is the creation of building information model (Building Information Model).
This model should be:

  • well-coordinated, concerted and interconnected;
  • Calculable and analyzable;
  • geometrically referenced;
  • computer-usable;
  • updatable.

Information contained in such building information model can be used for:

  • making concrete project decisions;
  • creating high quality project documentation;
  • facility operation quality prediction;
  • making estimates and construction plans;
  • ordering and manufacturing of materials and equipment
  • construction management;
  • management and operation of building and means of technical equipment throughout its life cycle;
  • managing building as an object of commercial activity;
  • designing and managing reconstruction or repair of building;
  • demolition and utilization of building;
  • other purposes related to building.

Approach to designing by information modeling means, first of all, collecting and integrated design processing of all architectural and design, technological, economic and other information about building with all its interrelationships and dependencies, when building and everything that is related to it are considered as a single object. In this case, all elements of model are interrelated and interdependent, which gives to model a factor of realism.

Exact financial forecast of total cost of project implementation is created on basis of the complex BIM-model. Budget evaluation and estimate correspond to the highest design accuracy levels.