Laatu was found in autumn of 2004. The aim was to ensure investors that the quality of construction projects was due to the investments.

On March 28th, 2005, the first contract for construction supervision was signed and the next day our engineer began working on the construction site of the Karusel shopping mall. That’s why, we consider March 29th, 2005, to be the birthday of our company.

Since then Laatu has implemented more than 150 projects all over Russia and became a reliable partner to investors and customers on a construction site.

For today Laatu has enlarged the range of services including design and construction management to meet the needs of customers best.

Laatu stands for quality

Our company name is translated from Finnish as ‘quality’.

We constantly improve our internal quality control system, we hire responsible professionals for our team. The management of the company provides comprehensive support to the engineers on construction sites and constantly monitors their work.

Professionalism, hard working and responsibility are the main values of our company which allow us to provide high quality services.

We develop procedures to ensure quality at all stages of the project from design to commissioning.

Clear reports allow the customer to receive operational information about real situation at the construction site.

Laatu uses ISO 9001:2015 to set out the criteria for a quality management system. We involved it in 2017 and were certificated.

ISO 9001

Laatu is a brand

Our company’s name is a registered trademark. Many other companies are not concerned about their own brand. They can easily change the name of the entity to avoid all kinds of risks, whether it is unreliable relations with contractors, poor quality of services or litigation.

We consider original and recognizable brand to be a part of a successful collaboration. For many years our company has been building business reputation and taking care of it that includes protection of our own trademark. Our client can always be sure of the diligent work of our employees, honesty and high quality of our services. The word “Laatu” always stands for honesty, integrity and fulfillment of the obligations.

Since 2008 the word “LAATU”, as well as our unique logo in Russian and English, are intellectual property registered in Rospatent. Other persons or organizations shall not use the trademark “Laatu” rendering 37 and 42 Class services according to the Nice Classification (ICGS) that includes building construction, repair, installation services.

Patent 375319
Patent 377939
Patent 375320

Health and safety protection

Health and safety protection is a priority for our company. We are aware that construction and installation works are dangerous and we follow all the requirements of labor protection norms and rules, safety rules and electric safety and also demand the same treatment from other participants at the construction site. All our workplaces have been certificated.