The realisation of large construction projects usually involves many different parties (surveyors, designers, constructors, suppliers, etc. ) Each party involved in construction process has its own interests, sometimes conflicting with interests of other parties. Typically, each of the participants is involved in other projects at the same time, so they are forced to share their attention between the projects.

!!!n order to ensure that all their stormy activities on your site do not resemble the story of Crylov’s fable ‘The swan, the pike and the crawfish’, the actions of all parties involved in construction must be coordinated, justified and prompt. This requires a single organisational centre that will undertake of the planning and coordination of all aspects of the construction process.

By engaging Laatu’s design and construction management service, you get professional optimisation of construction processes, minimisation disruption of work deadlines and a dependable system for the future operation of the facility.

Управление проектированием и строительством (EPCM)Design and construction management is usually carried out by general contractors. The current organisational structure of general contractors is not much different from the organisational structure of subcontractors and it does not meet modern requirements for entities of management of investment and construction projects.

The general contractor is usually involved in several large construction projects at the same time.

The development of technological specialisation in construction leads to an increase in the number of construction and installation companies and other organisations involved in construction, which also complicates construction management.

The above factors prevent the general contractors from concentrating on the timely completion of the scope of work on the sites in order to bring the facility into operation on time.

Ensuring of focused activity of all parties of construction process in strictly to the timetable is a complicated problem today. One way of solving this problem is to delegate construction management to a specialised organisation.

Laatu is a member of self-regulatory organisations:

  • based on the membership of entities engaged in the preparation of design documentation;
  • based on the membership of entities engaged in construction.

We provide the following design and construction management services:

  • selection of the design organisation to elaborate the design documentation;
  • preparation of the design assignment;
  • control over the timing, scope and quality of design work;
  • organisation and technical support of state or non-state examination of design documentation;
  • conducting input control of design documentation and its approval based on the results of the examination;
  • preparation of a set of documents for obtaining a construction permit and obtaining a construction permit;
  • selecting a design company to develop detailed design documentation;
  • preparation of the design assignment for the development of detailed design documentation;
  • control over the timing, scope and quality of the detailed design documentation developed;
  • input control and approval of the detailed design documentation stamped “for the work implementation (production)”;
  • selection of the general contractor;
  • preparation of the assignment for construction and installation works;
  • construction supervision over the timing, scope and quality of construction and installation work;
  • coordination of all participants of the construction process;
  • control of construction costs;
  • interaction with state construction supervision authorities during inspections at the construction site;
  • control over amendments to detailed design and design documentation;
  • organisation of re-examination in case of changes that affect the structural reliability and safety of the capital construction facility and made to the design documentation;
  • organising the necessary tests and forming the set of documents for obtaining the permit for input the facility into operation;
  • EPCM services.